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Professional trainee program

We have a professional trainee program in dance which takes 3 years (full-time) to complete. It encompasses the major dance techniques of professional Western artistic dancing, with a focus on ballet.
It also covers a broad overview of medical issues, history, analysis and criticism, as well as the practical issues of working in the dance world, such as the technical issues behind the scenes (lighting, costuming, scenery, make-up, etc.) and the formal business side of the dance world (how to find a job, what kind of insurance, how to write grant applications, etc.).
The training is rounded off with choreographic methodology and performance practice.

The graduate of our program has the ability to orient him- or herself and to begin working in the international world of professional dance. He or she also has a foundation upon which he or she can later build, specializing him- or herself as a dancer, choreographer, critic, director, or archivist. We will launch continuing education programs for further qualification and specialization in dance education, choreography and dance criticism.

The majority of literature to be read is in English, but some is in German.

Professional trainees are required to take a minimum 12 hours of dance classes at InzTanz per week. They have the option of booking a flat rate in the practical classes, which requires them to attend all classes.

The professional trainee program is a new pilot program. During the pilot phase (until 2015) the prices are lower than normal, yet rise automatically each year. The full-time trainee class beginning in September 2013 will pay on average 285 Euros monthly; the class beginning September 2014 365 Euros monthly, the class beginning September 2015 410 Euros monthly. Our trainees receive student discounts on health insurance, public transportation and theater tickets. We are currently working towards BAföG certification.

Should you have further questions, please feel free to contact us calling +49 7071 8698882 or write an email to